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Designing Training Programs is our forte. We have trained directors, top executives, managers, workers, employees children and spouses, retired employees, blind employees and even deaf and dumb employees.

Our expertise is to design customized need based soft skill training programs.

Some Challenging Assignments have been :

1. Designed a training for HODs of a major PSU so that they can counsel bad performers for coming VRS.
2. Designed training module for an organization with ~25000 employees so that employees do not resist transfers.
3. Designed a 4 day training module for physically handicapped employees, including deaf and dumb.
4. Taking Guard, a retirement planning module developed for a major auto company has been more than successful.
5. Lifestyle Development module for spouses of employees of a power sector giant.
6. Parenting Skills training module for GIS company with mammoth young employees.
And dozens more

In last decade Psyche Panacea has established itself as preferred soft skills training partner and trusted destination for management solutions. Clients have always known us as pioneers of training trends. With our ability to foresee challenges to come, our clients always find us ready to cater when the need arrives.

All Training Modules [ Almost ]

1. Discover Your Hidden Potential
2. Enhancing Interpersonal Effectiveness
3. All About Leadership
4. Building a Winning Team
5. Enhancing Time Intelligence
6. Innovative Decision Making
7. Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body
8. MUSTs of Investment Management
9. Navchetana
10. Managing Change for Growth
11. Winning Communication Skills
12. MBTI Testing and Training
13. The Art and Science of Selling
14. Negotiate to Win
15. Train the Trainer
16. Relationship Management
17. Enhancing Managerial Skills
18. Assertiveness Training
19. Enhance Your Adversity Quotient
20. Effective Parenting for Working Professionals
21. Customer Sensitivity
22. Stress Management
23. Adventures with Self
24. Work life Balance
25. Enhancing Emotional Intelligence
26. Tame the Stress Monster
27. Neuro-Linguistic Programming based Communication Skills
28. Hire Assets Not Liabilities
29. Psychometrics for HR Professionals
30. Making Effective Presentations
31. Imparting Result Oriented Training
32. Facing Challenges together
33. Towards Professionalism
34. Developing Change Agents
35. Organizations are built on Conflicts
36. Customer is the King – CRM
37. 5S : An Experiential Tour
38. Inventory Management
39. Supply-chain Management
40. Logistic Management
41. Purchase Management
And Counting