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Psyche panacea’s

Employee Engagement Program

As HR professionals, we all are aware of importance of engagement of employees. A lot of studies have been done which show that with right engagement, absenteeism goes down to 37% , 48% mitigation in safety events, 41% fewer product defects, 21% higher productivity and 22% higher profitability. Psych Panacia recognizes this and uses highly efficient and diverse corporate programs to not only increase employee engagement but also make sure that engagement remains consistent and customized according to our clients’ needs.

Psyche Panacia has designed over 100 such Corporate Training Programs in the last 15 years. These are highly customized and need based programs/events. Best suited as stand-alone or as a part of Family Days.

Parivaar Connect

Parivaar Connect is a one of a kind initiative by Psyche Panacia that truly distinguishes and makes our Employee Engagement Program unique. It is an intervention based workshop that aims to build and inculcate a strong sense of culture among the employees and encourage a feeling of belongingness and being taken care of by their company. It provides specialized programs for the employees and also for their families. Clients can choose from a wide range of workshops to be included and this is what makes it highly need–based and specific to requirements.

This programme has been developed by a team of professionals including organizational psychologists, behaviour experts, management trainers and counselling psychologists and thus ensures a structured and systematic programme.