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During the course of my over 1500 training programs to over 300,000 participants I realized that there are some questions most of them would ask. Irrespective of their age, location, qualification, level or experience, they all had some common issue.

“I want to upgrade my qualification”

“My motivation does not last longer”

“I am L&D professional and trainings don’t give results or results don’t last long.

 “I want to lose weight”

“I want to start with morning walk”

“I want to develop reading habit”

“I want to get up earlier in the morning”

“I want to start gym / exercising”

“I want to do better in my career”

“I want to follow a hobby”

“I want more money”

“I want better relationships”

“I want to control my anger”

“I want to do use my time better”

( Many of them “want” to do it for over a decade, may be two or three )

The reason, I found, they were not able to do what they wanted to do, was lack of conducive operating system – The Master Skills. Master Skills are the operating system of the mind, once installed properly, new skills, like programs or apps, can be installed at will.

For a successful professional and personal life learning new skills all the time is a must.

 “Learn, Unlearn, Relearn” is the Success Mantra for 21st century. You are required to upgrade yourself with cutting edge technologies, novel management principles, latest knowledge and be in best of you.

I found that though there are dozens of skills required for long term success in professional and personal life, but some of them enjoy a unique advantage over others. These help others to be learned quickly and at will.

 I also found that all successful people in all walks of life possess these skills, by design or by default.

Sometimes I do a simple experiment in my workshops where ask any of the participants “What do you like to eat most”. And then I challenge – Can you start hating it from now ?

Obviously all of them say “NO”

They can at best stop eating their favourite food but can’t start hating it.

This is the difference between “I want” and “I can”

You want to do so many great stuff, but the challenge is “Can You ?” You are not always equipped with what it takes to do what you want to do

The Master Skills empower you with the ability to act, perform, sustain and achieve. Once you develop master skills, be ready to achieve what you always wanted to. No magic is involved here, Master Skills simply make you eligible.

In this program you will not only learn about Master Skills but also techniques to acquire them. The master skills work in synchronization, learning first skill helps the second one and so on. And you can’t master one Master Skill sans others.

Be Ready to launch a brand new version of you after attending this program.


Vikas Vats

Original article published at vats.in

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