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Advantages of Psychometric Tests

1. Psychometric Test are Standardized and objective, everyone is treated equally and therefore fairly
2. Candidates who have good “interview technique” are not unduly advantaged by these test
3. Usually quick and easy to score
4. Psychometric tests are typically much more reliable, consistent and free from error than other assessment methods
5. Statistical research suggests that many aspects of job performance can be predicted from test results. Indeed, tests seem to be much more effective in this regard than most other selection methods
6. These Tests save time, money and efforts.
7. In general, tests measure the attributes they are designed to measure very effectively
8. Psychometric test give culture-fare assessment

Psychometrics Tests for Corporate Usage

1. Personality Assessment Test
2. Job Satisfaction Test
3. Sales Aptitude Test
4. Worker’s Personality Test
5. Organizational Climate Test
6. Occupational Stress Audit
7. Managerial Effectiveness Test
8. Work Motivation Test
9. Emotional Intelligence Test