All Training Modules

Below is the list of Corporate Training Modules by Psyche Panacea. Click on the headings to sort as you prefer...

Training ProgramsCategoryTarget Audience
Enhancing Managerial SkillsSkills DevelopmentJr to Sr Mgt
Enhancing Supervisory SkillsSkills DevelopmentSupervisors
NavchetanaMotivationalBlue Collar
Stress is the Spice of LifeEngagementAll
All About LeadershipEmployee DevelopmentMid to Sr Mgt
Building a Winning TeamEmployee DevelopmentAll
Effective Communication SkillsSkills DevelopmentAll
Negotiate to WinSkills DevelopmentPink Collar
Art and Science of Problem SolvingSkills DevelopmentJr to Sr Mgt
Invest In YourselfPremium ProgramAll
Train the TrainerSkills DevelopmentTrainers, HR
Together We Win - for union peopleSkills DevelopmentUnion
Situational LeadershipSkills DevelopmentJr to Sr Mgt
Leaders are Born - Leadership can be TaughtEmployee DevelopmentJr to Sr Mgt
Result Oriented Communication SkillsSkills DevelopmentAll
Making HR Strategic and Business OrientedSkills DevelopmentHR
Coaching and LeadershipEmployee DevelopmentMid to Sr Mgt
Decisions Shape Destiny - prg on decision makingSkills DevelopmentJr to Sr Mgt
People Management SkillsSkills DevelopmentSupervisors
Advanced People Management SkillsSkills DevelopmentJr to Sr Mgt
Parenting the WinnersEngagementAll
Comprehensive Career Counselling ProgramEngagementEmployee's Children
Enhancing Emotional IntelligenceEmployee DevelopmentJr to Sr Mgt
Change ManagementEmployee DevelopmentMid to Sr Mgt
Customer is the KingSkills DevelopmentPink Collar
Challenge Your LimitsOutBoundAll
Healthy Mind in a Healthy BodyEngagementAll
Law of AttractionPremium ProgramJr to Sr Mgt
Enhance Your Spirituality QuotientPremium ProgramJr to Sr Mgt
Brushing Up the Presentation SkillsSkills DevelopmentJr to Sr Mgt
Delegation, Feedback and Instruction Giving SkillsSkills DevelopmentJr to Sr Mgt
Life Style ManagementEmployee DevelopmentEmployee's Wives
Wear a Winning PersonalityEmployee DevelopmentAll
Discover Your Hidden PotentialMotivationalAll
Induction TrainingSkills DevelopmentNew Hires
The Art of Wealth CreationEngagementAll
High Impact Selling SkillsSkills DevelopmentPink Collar
Work Life balanceEngagementAll
Customer Relationship ManagementSkills DevelopmentPink Collar
NLPSkills DevelopmentJr to Sr Mgt
MBTIEmployee DevelopmentJr to Sr Mgt
5SSkills DevelopmentAll
Knowing PsychometricsSkills DevelopmentHR
Scientific Assessment SkillsPremium ProgramJr to Sr Mgt
Organizations are Built on ConflictsEmployee DevelopmentJr to Sr Mgt
Inventory ManagementSkills DevelopmentStores
Supply Chain ManagementSkills DevelopmentPurchase
Logistic ManagementSkills DevelopmentLogistics
Purchase ManagementSkills DevelopmentPurchase
Enhancing Willing to LearnMotivationalAll
Carving CreativitySkills DevelopmentAll
Healthy CookingEngagementEmployee's Wives
Dining EtiquettesEngagementAll
Yoga for Fit LifeEngagementAll
Soulmates - Marital CounsellingEngagementAll with Spouses
Team Building through Theatre and MusicPremium ProgramJr to Sr Mgt
Personality Development through TheatrePremium ProgramAll
Calligraphy WorkshopEngagementEmployee's Children
Effective Servicing SkillsSkills DevelopmentPink Collar
Basic Communication SkillsSkills DevelopmentBlue Collar
Basic Communication SkillsSkills DevelopmentPink Collar
Competency Assessment IntelligenceSkills DevelopmentJr to Sr Mgt
Spoken Corporate EnglishEmployee DevelopmentAll