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  • Supervisor Development Program - 16/09/2014 - All Day - -

    Supervisors are the bridge between Management and Shop Floor. The management’s Plans and Strategies to produce have to be implemented at the Shop Floor. The stronger this bridge is, more effectively and efficiently these plans can be executed. This Training is the Answer to all Supervisory Needs and trains them to put management’s dreams to Action.

  • Advanced People Management Skills Workshop at Bhiwadi on 5th Dec. - 05/12/2014 - All Day - -

    Getting the work done from others has always been a challenge even with the best of performance.One can be an excellent performer but the ability to motivate,inspire and make others take ownership of the work is true indication of a leader.This program is designed to train participants on these parameters and develop them as true Manager/Leader of people

  • Result Oriented Communication Skills - Open House Training Workshop - 20/02/2015 - All Day - -
    Effective Communication gets results. Ineffective communication leads to misalignment and poor performance. Project delays, cost overruns, poor quality of service, customer dissatisfaction, low employee morale, increased stress and a host of other problems at work and in personal lives are often the result of poor communication.
    This program will not only deal with Effective Communication but Most importantly, Result oriented Communication i.e Strategic Communication to achieve the desired results from your team, Peer group etc. in the desired way.
     Due to the important role that communication plays in performance and well-being, there is a need to supplement and fine-tune one’s natural abilities with a structured, proven approach to honing communication skills.
    The program on Resultoriented Communication Skills’ has been designed to meet this need.

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  • Learn the Ultimate Leadership Skill - People Development - 11/08/2015 - All Day - Learn the Ultimate Leadership Skill - People Development -

    Complete Program Details

    Result Oriented People Development

    Why People Development is Must

    This is high time that People Managers become People Developers. This ambitious program trains you to develop your people / team members/ department / organization to meet present and future challenges.

    Continuous development keeps employees efficient, motivated, engaged, innovative and less prone to attrition.

    This is a “Need of Day” Program for your Managers, HR, HODs and anybody interested in developing their teams.


    1. Graduate Participants from People Management to People Development.
    2. Empower Participants to Motivate their People for Development, Draw fool proof Development Strategies and Implement Flawlessly. Motivate>>>Develop>>>Engage>>>Sustain
    3. Train Participants to Develop their people for Present KRAs & Future Challenges.
    4. Equip with scientific tools to Monitor, Evaluate, Feedback, Reinforce and sustain development processes.


    1. Breaking the Silos around People Development
    2. People Development is Prescription not Choice.
    3. Why PD is taking a back seat and enormous costs associated with it.
    4. Developing a Result Oriented People Development Strategy
    • Motivate-   Create Intrinsic Motivation
    • Develop-   PD Tools and Techniques
    • Engage –   Make them Implement the Learnings
    • Sustain-  Keep it Ongoing and Automated


    Motivate – Carrot is Always more Effective than Stick

    1. BeaChampionofMotivation-
      • Motivation, Conditioning, Reinforcement, Incentives , Suggestibility, their Scheduling and Nesting.
    2. Creating the desire to Excel, Willingness and Passion to Outperform.
    3. Motivate People to set stretched  Personal and Organizational Goals that are Achieved
    4. Master the Reinforcement Techniques to Motivate anyone, anytime, anywhere.
    5. Infusing Self Motivation to keep it ever lasting.


    1. The Science of Learning and Development Process
    2. The Memory Curve, The Cone of Learning- Keep the L&D Fast, people oriented and unforgettable.
    3. How and Why People Develop and why they not…(ALP)
    4. Different Strokes for Different Folks – Everyone learns differently at different pace through different senses.
    5. Whole Vs Part Developmental Strategies.
    6. Delegation Skills as a tool for People Development
    7. Feedback Giving Skills for a smooth Development Process.
    8. Monitoring & Evaluation  techniques that Appreciates the Performers and Motivates others.


    1. People Development as an Engagement Strategy


    1. Tools to Keep the Process Ongoing
    2. Self Motivation and Self Management Tools
    3. Mass-Media Sites
    4. Communication and Others Apps
    5. Calendars and Automated Schedulers

    Action Planning Exercise with Time Limits and Monitoring Processes…

    Training Design

    40% PPT & Interactive ILT

    10% AV
    35% GD, Exercises, Games
    15% Workbook

    Know Your Trainer
    Vikas Vats is an International Corporate Trainer and Organizational Psychologist. He is imparting Corporate Training for more than fifteen years.

    To his credit he has..

    50s Topics
    100s Clients
    1200 Days of Corporate-Training
    27,000 Participants

    His articles have been published & got quoted in various news papers, e.g., TOI, ET, Indian Express, Zee News, NDTV Profit, The Asian Age, The Tribune etc. and also got interviewed on NDTV and CNBC many times.

    People who attended his workshops say: “ A Mesmerizing Experience”, “Very Informative”, “Well Absorbed”, “Easy solution to difficult situations”, “A trainer with multidimensions”, “Examples of day to day work /personal life”, “An Eye opening Session”, “Training never attended before ”, “Excellent Motivator”

    Investment Plan…

    Investment  Plus Service Tax @ 14%
    Categories Per Participant
    1 Delegate
    3 or More Delegates 10% Discount
    6 or More Delegates Pl contact
    Register Before 25th July 5% “Eager to Learn” Discount

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