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[wptab name=’What We Do for Schools’]

  • Behavioural Skill / Soft Skill Trainings for Students, Teachers, Parents
  • Counselling for Students, Teachers, Parents, Individuals.
  • Theme based Excursion Trip: Fun with Learning
  • Assessment Centre / Psychometrics



[wptab name=’Why Only Psyche Panacea’]

1.Pioneer in the field with maximum experience. Honing the Skills since 1998. Psyche Panacea’s Team has covered more than 1,00,000 students and Parents Pan India.

  1. In our team of Certified Counsellors, we have only legally and qualification wise -qualifiedcareer experts who are PG in Psychology with super specialization course in counselling.
  2. Individual Counselling and Special Sessions of Parents is integral part of our programs sans which the program is futile…..
  3. We understand special and individual needs of different student groups, i.e., Metro Cities, Plants & Refineries, B and C category cities and we select our team and design program accordingly.
  4. Special sessions on adolescent issues.


[wptab name=’Trainings for Students’]

1.Comprehensive Career Counselling Programs
2. Drama and Theatre: Confidence Building Workshop
3. Discover You Hidden Potential-Young Leaders :Experiential Result Oriented Training
4. Five Habits of Brilliant Students
5. Scientific Study Skills
6. Public Speaking Skills
7. Personality Development
8. Calligraphy
9. Excursion Trip
10. Annual Day Event Organizers
11.Self Awareness and Self Motivation
12.Motivational Training: Guide to be Successful In life
13.Understanding, Controlling and Managing Stress
14.Emotional Intelligence : Key to Success
15.Who becomes a Great Leader ?



16.Positive Attitude : You Become What You Think
17.Be A Winning Leader
18.Building A Winning Team
19..Interpersonal Skills
20.Conflict Resolution Skills : How to manage difficult people and difficult situation
21.Assertiveness Training
22.Creative Thinking: Think out of box
23.Group Dynamics
24.Healthy mind in a Healthy Body
25.How to be your own Counselor
26.Managing Stress and Time during pressure days
27.Effective Study Habits
28.Effective Career Planning Strategies
29.Overcome Stage fear


[wptab name=’Trainings for Teachers’]

Managing Student’s Behaviour through Reinforcement Techniques
Enhancing Learning Capabilities In Students
Developing Self Motivation In Students.
The forgotten Art of Parenting
Objective Assessment By Teachers : Why And How ?
Know Your Hidden Potential—Motivational Training for Students
Developing Effective Study Habits In Students : The Teacher Role
Roles And Functions Of A Teacher
Co-Education : Problems And Solutions.
Art of Writing Question Paper
Management In Schools : A Psychological Approach
Teaching With An Edge : Enhancing Effectiveness
Maintaining Discipline In Schools And Classrooms
Developing Effective Study Habits In Students : The Teacher Role


[wptab name=’Training for Parents’]

Parenting A Winner

Its a half day / one day workshop covering the following topics…

Idea of Parenting a Winner…
-Basics of Child and Teenage Psychology
-Best Parenting Styles for you
-How to program emotional stability and positive attitude in children
-Character Building – Giving Sanskars
-5 Must Parenting Skills
-Three Pillars of Ideal Parenting – Quality Time, Communication and Trust – Master them
-5 Don’ts – You are killing their future by these unintentional manoeuvrings.
-Quest for the Perfect Career – Selecting and Preparing
-Study Techniques for Enhanced Efficiency
-Diet, Nutrition, Health and Intelligence
-Time Intelligence – Managing 24 hrs Effectively
-Sibling Issues
-Internet, Facebook, SMS’s, Mobile, Whatapp, Bikes, Cars, Clubbing, Friends, Pocket Money, and others
-Punishments – Yes/No, When, How, Where.
-Know Adolescence – Why they are always right ?, ok almost always.
-What they hate most – Nagging, Expectations, Restrictions, Comparisons, Labeling, Sermons, Selection of Friends & Study Time.




[wptab name=’Psychometrics’]

Teaching Aptitude Test
Conflict Resolution Styles
Reason Orientedness
Stress Coping Mechanisms
Openness to Experience
Locus of Control
Decision Making Abilities
Personality Testing
Guidance Need Testing
IQ Testing
Occupational Interests Testing
Aptitudes Testing
Study Habits Testing
Level of Aspiration Measurement