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We have developed numourous trainings for workers ( in regional language ) but “NAVCHETANA” has been widely sought and we are proud to cover entire work strength of clients like HeroMotocorp , NTPC, JCB, BSES, JBM etc.


Navchetana can be highly Customizable depending on client requirements. A standard module looks something like below…




Objective :


Present program is designed to Motivate participants towards stretched goals, positive attitude, upgrade their knowledge / skills, be passionate to their work, multitasking, better understanding and respect for management decisions and policies, usage of technology for growth and finally to become better citizens.

Contents :


Day One 

  1. Understanding Self and Life Goals
  2. Bringing Discipline and Value of Time for Achieving our Life Goals
    1. Moving from Hard Work to Smart Work
    2. Talent Vs Hard Work & Destiny Vs Hard Work.
    3. How to “Write your own Destiny” .
  1. How to Set and Achieve Impossible Goals.
  2. Why Employees not Invest in themselves? How to begin ?
  1. How Successful People have Worked in their Lives
    1. Belongingness to whatever they did
    2. Taking ownership
    3. Etiquettes and Manners
    4. Interpersonal Skills
    5. Self Management – Personal Hygiene and Grooming
    6. Thinking about Future – Financial Planning
    7. Always Vigilant – Self Analysis and Precautions
    8. Self Control – Forming New Paying Habits
    9. Learning from Every Moment
    10. Physical Fitness
  2. Taking Initiatives and Responsibility
    1. Why and How to Begin
  3. Motivating Self for a New Life

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Objective :

This session aims to train participants on proactive measures, maintenance and repair of their Body-System so as to physically and mentally fit.

Contents :

  1. The Concept of Body, Mind and Soul
  2. Health and its Effect on Thinking, Intelligence, Decision-making, Attitude and all other Behaviors.
  3. Most common Healthy and Unhealthy Diets.
  4. Pesticides and Chemicals.
  5. Getting rid of Alcohol and Tobacco.
  6. Anti-oxidants – The Elixir of Life.
  7. Understanding the Process of Body Decay, The Aging
  8. Prolonging Life, The Natural Way
  9. Ayurveda and Life Extension
  10. Body Temperature and Health
  11. Extracts from Yoga and Pranayama
  12. Individual Problems and Remedies.


Day Two

Scientific Parenting Skills

  1. Basics of Child and Teenage Psychology
  2. Best Parenting Styles for you
  3. How to program emotional stability and positive attitude in children
  4. Character Building – Giving Sanskars
  5. 5 Must Parenting Skills
  6. Three Pillars of Ideal Parenting – Quality Time, Communication and Trust – Master them
  7. 5 Don’ts – You are killing their future by these unintentional manoeuvrings.
  8. Quest for the Perfect Career – Selecting and Preparing
  9. Study Techniques for Enhanced Efficiency
  10. Diet, Nutrition, Health and Intelligence
  11. Time Intelligence – Managing 24 hrs Effectively
  12. Sibling Issues
  13. Internet, facebook, SMSs, Mobile, Whatsapp, Bikes, Cars, Clubbing, Friends, Pocket Money, and others

Enhance Your Financial Intelligence.

  1. The Money Engineering – How Money Works
  2. Three Pillars of Wealth Creation…
  3. Are you Saving OR Investing ?
  4. Einstein – : “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it”
  5. Why and How to beat Inflation.
  6. Investment Strategies and Options.
  7. About Insurance, Loans and reverse mortgage.
  8. Be Your Own Consultant.

Basic Communication Skills

  1. Art of making others say “YES”.
  2. Lessons from Top Leaders.
  1. Test Your Communication Skills – questionnaire and Game.
  2. 10 Must Communication Skills.

 Together we Win

Team Building activities to foster program objectives.

Tools to be Used…


Action Planning…